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Some of our previous work

This new customer got in touch wanting his acoustic upgrading with a new bone nut and saddle as his old plastic ones had become worn and damaged. Another happy customer.

This next customer got in touch. He decided to take up the guitar as he was house bound and wanted a hobby. This Martin Smith acoustic had pretty high action on it so he was struggling to play it. He took advantage of my pick up and drop off service, I lowered the action and put on lighter strings. He seemed much happier with it.

This new customer brought in his Fender USA Deluxe Strat for a fret dressing. The frets were in pretty poor condition. After the frets were repaired and a setup, the guitar now looks and plays as good as new.

Another returning customer got in touch, the nut on his Washburn acoustic had snapped. So I replaced it with a bone nut. A bone nut is stronger and more dense with will give his guitar a better sound with more sustain. Again he left happy.

A young lad got in touch who had custom built a guitar using old parts, he also wired it him self, unfortunately it was a poor job on the electrics. The pots were also old and corroded so I put in all new pots, switches and fully rewired the guitar for him. He left happy!

This next customer brought in his Gibson SG for a setup and a re string. The customer was delighted with the results.

This next customer brought in three guitars for various jobs. The Washburn bass needed a wiring repair, re stringing and a setup. The Vintage bass needed a setup as the intonation was shocking and the Fender Jaguar needed a new jack and a setup. The customer was happy as usual.

This customer brought in his Fender Precission Bass for  some new pickups and a setup. He also wanted a new pickguard to give his bass a new look. He was delighted with the results.

Another returing customer brought back his AFQ 335 for a pickup upgrade. I installed some Seymour Duncan Vintage Blues Humbuckers. Again the customer was delighted.

Another returning customer brought this Fender USA Strat complaining that a previous guitar repair man had done some work to the nut and made a mess of it and making the guitar sounding awful. So I decided to replace the nut and now the guitar is sounding great again. Another happy customer.

A customer brought in this lovely Takamine accoustic which had awful string height, so I filed down the saddle so the guitar was playable!!

A new customer brought in this Gibson SG for a setup. This is a lovely guitar and sounded fantastic.

The owner of the AFQ 335 I did some work on last week wanted a bone nut fitting so he brought it back in today. He also wants some new pickups fitting but that won't be till later on in the week.

Again another customer returned with this AFQ pro series guitar needing a setup. Im also replacing the nut to a bone nut as the g slot was cut too low causing the g string to sit too low and cause fret buzz.

A previous customer returned with two more guitars needing some work. The first was an Epiphone Les Paul which was needing a setup. After a few discussions we decided on a little make over too. His other guitar was a Washburn acoustic which the action needed lowering. Again, he left happy!!

This customer was after a pickup upgrade to his PRS SE, he was complaing that the pickups it came with were awful. We decided on a set of Seymour Duncans Jeff Beck and Alnico II pro humbucker. He was really pleased with the outcome.

A customer got in touch. His Westfield was in a poor state, the guitar wasn't working, the jack/pots had come loose and the D tuning peg had snapped off. I cleaned the guitar up, repaired the jack and pots and replaced the tuning peg. The customer was delighted.

A customer brought in this lovely Gibson Les Paul wanting an upgrade to the neck pickup. A quick and easy upgrade to improve any guitar. Another happy customer.

A customer brought in this beautiful Ibanez hollow bodied guitar with cracking round the jack socket. Luckily the cracking was only to the lacquer and not the wood. As these guitars dont come with a jack plate, it can become weak around the jack area so I fitted a jack plate to strengthen the area to prevent any possible damage. I used special lacquer glue so the cracked lacquer wont continue to spread. Another happy customer.

A freind got in touch who wanting his Fender Strat upgrading with new pickups, a new scratch plate, a deep clean and asetup. I also gave it fret dressing as they were starting to look damaged. He is currently on his honeymoon so this will be great surprise for him to come cack too!!

A guy brought in his Aiersi Tele after trying to install new pickup and failed. This is a lovely looking guitar but had cheap parts in it. So, I fitted it with all new pots, switches and rewired it, I also replace the nut as the nut was shocking. Its now looking and sounding fantastic.

A customer brought in his Fender Tele complaining of a slight earthing problem. So I re-wired the guitar. This didn't work so I replaced the pots and switches. This also didn't work so I filled the cavities with aluminium tape to see if that worked. Unfortunatley the guitar still has the problem which suggests a fault with one of the pickups, as the problem was only minor, I recommended that the customer didn't replace the pickups as he was happy with the sound of them. Can't fix them all sadly.

An Epiphone les Paul with standard pickups in, replaced with Gibson Burst Bucker 2's. Also re-wired and replaced the 3 way toggle switch with a Gibson toggle as the connection was poor. The guitar now sounds amazing and a very happy customer!!

A customer got in touch, they had bought a Fender strat with "a dodgy 5 way toggle" with selections 2&4 not working properly. I re-wired the whole guitar and also fitted Fender vintage 59 pickups to replace the tex mex pickups which were already in. Another very happy customer!!

A customer brought in a fender Squire bass which he had bought second hand. The guitar was in poor condition. I completely stripped the guitar down a cleaned it, polished it and gave it a full setup. I had to adjust all the saddles as the intonation was very poor. The guitar now looks brand new minus a few dings. Another happy customer.

These are some of our custom made guitars, these can range from £200-£600 depending on what parts you want. You can have a Gibson, Fender, PRS, Jackson, Ibanez and many more designs. We can even customise the logo/headstock to suit your needs. Give us a call to customise your guitar, so you can have a top end priced looking and sounding guitar at a fraction of the cost of the real deal. Please note we only make styles of guitars but can install genuine parts. Have a look at some of our custom made guitars.

A customer brought in an old guitar which was desperate for a fret job and a setup. As you can see from the following photos, frets 1-5 were in an awful state. So I prepped it up and did a full fret dressing, now the frets are immaculate and after the setup, the guitar is playing beautifully.

A Customer got in touch, he had taken his Hofner guitar to a local repair shop as his jack had fallen apart. He ended up bringing it to me as the previous guy had botched it and put in a faulty jack leaving the guitar sounding awful. Now with a new jack and after adjusting the intonation, the guitar is sounding amazing and another very happy customer!!

A Gentleman emailed me, he has a Yamaha acoustic guitar. He was complaining that he couldn't get it tuned properly, he was after a hard case and lighter strings on it too. I noticed that a few of the tuning pegs were loose so I tightened them up and problem solved. I ordered a case and replaced the strings. I also polished it up and now I have another happy customer!!

A guy brought in a guitar, he was a new player so had bought a cheap strat copy. He was complaining that it would tune properly. It needed a set up and the intonation sorting. After working some of my magic it was very nice. Another happy customer!!

A guy contacted me, he wanted the action lowering on his acoustic guitar. When he tried to take the saddle out he realised it had been glued in. As he didn't drive, I went his house to pick up the guitar, carefully eased the old saddle out and filed down a new bone saddle to the height he wanted. Now his guitar is at the perfect height and sounds lovely.

I really enjoyed this next job. A guy called Tommy got in touch, he has been playing guitar for many years and has played with some big names in the early days of his career. He was after the Buddy Holly/Hank Marving sound in his Strat. After some research and a few discussions we agreed on some Fender vintage 'Fat 50's pickups. He also wanted a new perloid pick guard and new wiring kit. I stripped the guitar down and fully cleaned it, wired it up and gave it a setup. The guitar is now sounding and looking amazing and Tommy was over the moon. Was a pleasure to do business with you Tommy. 

This next customer wanted a fret job on his Yamaha acoustic. I prepped it up and nicely repaired the frets. Another happy customer.

A guy got in touch regarding his son's custom hand made classical guitar. It had developed fret buzz after he changed the strings on it. I checked the guitars action, saddle, nut, neck and couldn't see anything wrong. I had decided that it may have something to do with the strings, so I replaced them and noticed that they had been previously re-strung incorrectly, causing the strings to buzz on the frets. The guy was pleased that it was something so simple to sort, another happy customer!!

A guy got in touch complaining that his Ibanez volume and tone pots were crackling and wanted new ones putting in. I did that and re-wired it and now it sound just like new and I have another happy customer.

Recently I did some work on a Yamaha acoustic for a customer, he was so pleased with the work, he brought in his Taylor acoustic for a fret job and the action to be lowered. Again after the work he was really pleased.

A guy got in touch, he was new to playing the guitar. He had bought an Epiphone Hummingbird Acoustic but was told the guitar setup was poor and the action needed lowering. So I lowered the saddle and repalaced the strings. He was over the moon with how it sounded and played, Another happy customer!!

I recently upgraded a Squire for a recent customer, Tommy, he also has a Fender Strat which was in need of a good clean and setup. Again, he was pleased with the work I did!!

A guy got in touch regarding his Gretsch Electromatic Guitar. He was complaining that he couldn't get his guitar to tune properly. He also wanted to change the tuning pegs as he didn't like the look of the ones that the guitar came with. After a quick chat we decided on some Grover Rotamatics to replace the old pegs. Also for the tuning issue, Gretsch Guitars come with a floating bridge which can be knocked or gradually move which will affect the intonation, hence the tuning issues. After the work, the customer was delighted with his guitar!!

A guy got in touch, he had a EPS Telecaster and wanted the frets smoothing off as they were hurting his fingers while playing. He also wanted a new white pick guard. He has since brought in another guitar to be worked on. 

The guy who brought in the ESP Tele brought in a Fender Tele for a good setup. The guitar had bad fret buzz and the guitar needed a good clean round the bridge and body. I fell in love with this guitar and want to keep it, sadly I had to give it back!!

A regular customer got in touch, he had a black Squire body with a maple Fender neck on it and a custom mint green scratch plate. He decided he wanted a light blue body and the maple Fender neck putting on with mint green scratch plate and parts off the black Squire body. He had also ordered new parts and a Squire neck to go onto the black body. After the work, both guitars looked and sounded amazing.

A customer wanted the action lowering on his acoustic and a full clean. His guitar now looks, sounds and plays amazing.

A customer got in touch. Her daughter has just started guitar lessons and had been given a right handed 3/4 sized classical guitar. As her daughter is left handed, they needed it converting. I re-filed the nut to allow the bass strings to sit right, turned the saddle and re-strung it. It will now play as a left handed guitar and another happy customer.

A customer had bought a 2011 60th Anniversary USA Fender Telecaster which had bad fret buzz and the intonation was all over the place. Just goes to show, even a brand new guitar will need a professional setup.

A customer brought in his custom built 'Kevin' Stratocaster thinking he needed his frets replacing. After inspecting the frets it turned out a fret dressing would sort them and saved him a fortune. I sorted the frets and gave the guitar a setup and the customer was delighted with the work I did.

This customer brought in his Stratocaster, he wanted new pickups, scratch plate, a full re wire, new pots/switches and new tuners. After a few discussions, we decided on Seymour Duncan alnico II for Strats and new Fender stamped tuners. The guitar left here looking and sounding fantastic and the customer was over the moon!!

This customer brought in a Vintage 1966 Fender Telecaster which was in a very poor state to say the least and it wasn't working at all. I replaced the the pots, jack and switches as they were badly corroded and there was damage to the humbucker wire. Once repaired and after a setup, the guitar was as good as new!!

A customer brought in his 50th Anniversary Fender Strat complaining of fret buzz. I gave the guitar a full setup, replaced the strings with gauge 10-46, adjusted the truss rod and string height. The fret buzz is now sorted and without compromising the string height. The customer was delighted.

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